Our billings are fully transparent, you will have the choice of fixed or flexible pricing, billed either monthly or quarterly. For a rough estimate of our service pricing, please refer to the table below:

*Audits & Review engagements will be charged on a per case basis.

$35per hour
CPA reviewed + Industry low rate + time saved from automation
$30+5$30 base + $5 per employee per payroll
For up to 30 employees
Tax Planning
%15~30of tax saving
Varies on complexity and documentation requirements
~$295per NTR financial stmt
Report with small to medium structure
GST/HST Return
~$95per return
For all sales tax returns (GST, HST, QST, etc)
U.S. Returns
$295+per return
For basic 1040, 1020, 1065 etc.
T1 Personal Return (Basic)
$75+per return
For returns with basic tax slips, fees increase with additional issues & schedules
T2 Corp Return (Op Co)
$495+per return
For regular operating CCPC
T2 Corp Return (Hold Co)
$225+per return
For basic holding/shelf corporation with minimal bookkeeping
T3 Trust/Estate Return
$495+per return
Starting price for basic estate planning / family / spousal / asset trusts etc.
T5013 Partnership Return
$495+per return
For standard GP, LP and LLP
CRA Audit & Review Engagements
CPA rate, billed on per case basis, not included in the fixed fee