From personal tax to corporate tax, bookkeeping and software setups, Pastel will give you the possibility to customize our service for you and we provide you unlimited support for any tax and accounting problems.

Our key services include but are not limited to:

Tax PlanningEssentially, there are 4 types of planning:
1. "No planning", which is common if you work with a non-certified accountant,
2. "Basic planning" if you are working with a large accounting firm, where they put the best resources toward mid-large businesses.
3. "Aggressive planning" in which the tax looks great on the surface, but put you at an incredibly high-risk level that leads to large penalties, interests and lawyer bills.
4. Pastel offers "Optimal planning" that minimizes your tax burden and abides with the ITA.
Client Support & ConsultationPastel will provide consultation and support to all your tax and accounting issues,our accounting staff will do our best to reply within a day.
Software Support / TrainingYou and your team have a growing box of tools you use everyday. Part of simplifying your life means streamlining how they integrate and ensuring you are mastering your technology and it is not mastering you.
PayrollSmall business owners are often ignored and under-serviced by the large payroll companies, they often end up doing this time-consuming activity themselves. We use Wagepoint to provide a full-service payroll geared exclusively to you, the small business owner. We offer affordable rates, integrated technology, efficient + timely service.
Tax Compliance (Personal + Corporate + U.S.Returns)We will prepare T1, T2, T3, T5013, GST and all other T-forms returns required to meet the tax duties for you and your entities. We will also finish the returns before the due date to prevent any interest and penalties.
NTR Financial StatementsPastel prepares NTR financial statements that comply with professional standards and abide by basic accounting principles. Notice to Reader (NTR) statements are the most common, basic statements Canadian companies use. They are most often prepared for tax purposes, but may also be used for internal monitoring of the business.
Audits & CRA CorrespondenceWe have extensive knowledge of CRA audit and review procedures and can help individuals and small business owners efficiently navigate all CRA audits and resolve CRA disputes in a cost-effective manner. We negotiate all our fees upfront to avoid any surprises. We charge much less than tax lawyers yet get better results during CRA Appeals/ disputes.
Outsourced CPAHiring a full-time CPA is an expensive proposition that your business may not be able to afford. Annual costs of a senior CPA start from $70,000 and go up to $120,000. If your business is growing but is not in a position where you cannot have a full-time CPA but you do require expert financial advice from time to time. We can provide you this assistance with a fraction of the cost.
Small Business BookkeepingAs a small business owner, you have more important things to do than to keep your own books. We take care of your books for you, so you can do what you do best. We provide this service at an affordable rate, and the books are reviewed monthly by CPA to make sure all transactions comply with the accounting standards. Having the books done with a non-professional has proven to cost more in the long run.
Financial Analysis / KPI ReportsEach business has key performance indicators that are crucial to manage growth effectively. Your Pastel team can ensure that you are reviewing these KPI's regularly and work with you on taking action.
Business Transition / Sale / M&A / SuccessionTransitioning responsibilities and/or ownership of any business takes careful planning and consideration. Our Transaction Advisory team has a solution catered to assist with the transactional challenges faced by owners of small-mid sized businesses. Whether seeking a partial sale, full divestiture or expansion of operations through an acquisition, we can help.
IncorporationWe will handle all paperwork and communication to get your small business incorporated. The incorporation process can be complicated & time-consuming, we will ensure your incorporation is completed properly and in a timely manner. We also provide you with an updated minute book which will include share certificates, share registry, and resolutions, etc.